The Spider Lady’s Lunch

the spider ladys lunch peter mcara

Asked by his publisher if he could write something like the best-selling ’50 Shades of Grey,’ Peter came up with the following.
50 Shades is about a virginal 20 year old who’s seduced by an older, sexually experienced man. What about a gender switch? So The Spider Lady tells of a virginal 16 year old male student seduced by his nerdy maths teacher.

His new maths teacher, Miss Ryder was another blow-in.

Living right next door, Hamish often saw her on weekends. He batted away any suggestion he was interested in her comings and goings. One of his mates exclaimed, ‘God, Hamish! How can you live in the same block as the Spider Lady.’

The class had already put her in a box called ‘Misfit & Loner …’

The boys joked about her skinny black-stockinged legs while ogling the tight black skirt. ‘Those big goggly glasses are like insects’ eyes and the stick arms and legs…’

One mimed her quick, darting movements. ‘It’s like she’s catching flies… Miss Ryder the Spider.’ … wants someone inside her,’ another tacked on. Now I think of it, some female spiders eats the male after they mate.’

‘A lay before lunch!’