Bad Angels

bad angels peter mcara

The angels reached accord. They must kill St. Dominic.

The angels reached accord.
They must kill St. Dominic.
There were many ways to do this.

Sure, God could strike him with a lightning bolt from heaven in a flash. But the Angels would have to ask God to do the deed, and their relationship with the eternal heavenly father did not automatically allow that.

Humans could pray to God, and on a good day, he might hear their prayers. But humans tend to be unreliable. If one prays for black, another is likely to pray for white.
It has been thus since the days of Adam and Eve.

All things considered, it would be better to go about the task without involving The Lord. The angels should do it using their own limited powers. Angels can fly, so gaining entry to the secure space would not be a problem. There were already angels inside the Garden – members of the angelic host – who could help.
What of the technology? Everyone knew that the boundary fences were festooned with optical-electronic sensors, visible and invisible. Would they detect angels? That stupid old line speculating about how many angels could dance on the head of a pin was not helpful in this day and age.

No, it would be better to pose as humans, tackle the job accordingly.